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Homeylinen House

It all goes back to a little flax plant. One that is nurtured, grown with love, and turned into a natural fiber known as linen. Irresistibly soft.
Unmistakably fresh. Timelessly modern. Effortlessly luxurious. And so cozy it could be your home away from home. A form of art that always tells a story. And watches you tell yours over the years.



Meet Žydrūnė – the founder of Lithuania-based HomeyLinen,

where growing and processing traditions of flax extend back several thousand years.

It all started when Žydrūnė was vacationing in Lithuania’s Curonian Spit – a unique sand dune peninsula that is included in UNESCO heritage. Inspired by its natural beauty and enchanting atmosphere, she began to think about life’s true values, about nature, it’s beauty, all it offers, and… HomeyLinen was born. Out of love, passion, and undeniable gratitude for mother Earth.

Now, HomeyLinen has evolved into a family business. Where Žydrūnė and her husband Paulius tell stories with their handcrafted linen pieces. By combining 100% pure European linen with precise craftsmanship, impeccable stitching, and lots of love, HomeyLinen offers a variety of delicately handmade products for your home. Think tablecloths, curtains, duvet covers, towels, reusable bags, bedspreads, and much more.

Our goal is to reintroduce this timelessly elegant fabric to modern homes and reverse the misconception that linen is hard and old-fashioned. Designed for easy living, linen is naturally soft and gets softer with each wash. Widely appreciated for its sustainability, breathability, and
versatility, expect nothing but the coziest touch from this eco-friendly fabric. Sturdy yet breathable. Luxurious yet cozy. Versatile and will last you a lifetime. Simplicity at its finest.