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Bath Sheets

Sweep yourself away! Enter an extravagant world of serene indulgence and idyllic comfort. Wrap yourself in a soothing all-natural linen bath sheet and head to a tranquil paradise. HomeyLinen knows what you deserve, and is here for all your pampering needs!

Available in assorted colors and patterns, these handmade Baltic linen bath sheets are more than just ordinary towels. Large and luxurious, they offer a sensation like no other. In the line of bed bath and beyond, linen sheets provide a lavish feeling of relaxed contentment. It’s no wonder this durable ancient textile was made for royalty!

Coming from the flax plant, premium European linen goes through a painstaking process in order to give you a quality product. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and OEKO-TEX certified, this material is safe to use and free from any harmful substances. Plus, its breathable moisture-wicking will help keep you happy and cozy, which is exactly what nature intended!

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