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When your alarm clock sets off at 7 in the morning and you get out of bed, leaving messy piles of bed sheets on your mattress is not the best way to seize the day. Instead, hop into a healthy morning routine by fixing your lovely nap nook with one of our linen bedspreads!

Drape one of these decorative linen source blankets over your bed, and take a moment to admire its natural beauty. See how every subtle wrinkle and delicate fringe on these king linen bedspreads curve around the surface of your cozy nap place. Isn’t that a wholesome end to last night’s dreams?

Pick one of our summer blankets, the waffle-patterned beauty, or treat yourself with a macrame-finished cover. All of these pure linen treasures are durable, hypoallergenic, and great for the environment! Melt into the freshness of the morning and the magic of the day with our linen bedspreads and comforters!

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