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Pure linen home textiles and linen clothes

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Macrame Linen Bedding Textiles

Macramé collection

Our same luxurious European linen, but with a beautiful macramé touch. Each piece in this collection is carefully handcrafted, stonewashed for a softened and slightly crinkled textural appeal, and finished with hand-woven macramé edges. Offering a subtly bohemian feel, macramé perfectly complements the natural earthiness of linen. Think of an elegantly boho aesthetic. Graceful elegance meets ultimate coziness.

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striped collection linen home textiles

Striped collection

Our stripes collection is perfect for someone looking for either a basic piece or to make a subtle statement. Available in natural, black, and blue colors, each piece is delicately handmade and stonewashed for a softened and casually crinkled textural appeal. A very much relaxed yet refined aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a tablecloth or a duvet cover, this extremely versatile pattern will effortlessly complement any style. A classic trend that never falls out of style.

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We love it because it’s Linen!

Each and every one of our linen pieces are delicately handmade, stitch after stitch, in our tiny family studio. Made with love and meant to be loved, we promise only the purest, most lovable linen combined with precise craftsmanship.

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