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How to Decorate Your Easter Table With Linen

Now that Easter is approaching, it’s time to start gathering ideas on decorating your table for that lunch or dinner you’re hosting. They say the dining experience begins with the eyes. In this article, we discuss how you can incorporate linen to achieve a natural yet elegant look for your Easter table.

Linen Tablecloths

Linen tablecloths add instant elegance to any dining table. In addition to enhancing dining aesthetics, dressing a table with a linen tablecloth minimizes the noise. Think of all the activities that will be taking place on the table. Bowls, plates, glasses, and cutlery will be constantly picked up and put down, which would be pretty noisy on a bare table. Tablecloths also keep spills from spreading. The cloth absorbs the liquid before it flows to the edge of the table where it could end up on somebody’s lap.

Easter Table Linens

You can also create a new look for an area using tablecloths of different colors. Using a neutral or white tablecloth serves as a canvas which you can then spruce up with other colors. Linen tablecloths, particularly in natural, toned colors, blend perfectly with white tableware, brightly colored placemats, and fresh flowers. You can also utilize tree branches or freshly sprouted seeds; place them in vases, little plates, or bowls and use them as centerpieces. Let your food layout be part of the décor as well. Capitalize on creating a contrast of colors for visual appeal and exquisite plating.

Linen Runners

As for linen table runners, you can play with colors and designs. Use bright colors, bold patterns, or floral details to create a striking contrast.

Easter Table Setting With Linen

Usually, runners are placed down the center of the table. How about trying something new this Easter? Here are some ideas to explore:

  • Place the runners across the table so that they’re shared between guests sitting on opposite sides. This way, the runners double up as placemats.
  • Use a shorter runner. You don’t have to cover the entire length of the table. A brief runner is essentially used to draw attention to a centerpiece.
  • For a round table, use two crisscrossing runners. For a larger table, you can use more than two. Here, the runners are used as placemats as well.

Should you opt for an arrangement that involves more than one runner, consider making them different colors.

Linen Napkins

Your imagination is the only limit as far as napkin presentation is concerned. You will find linen napkins in all sorts of colors, patterns, and textures. Most people will go for a floral design. Feel free to choose the one that best complements your table décor. We’re particularly fond of green napkins on a white linen tablecloth.

Easter Table Decor With Linen Napkins


Napkin folding is a whole different art by itself. You will come across folding styles such as Rosebud, Star, Envelope, Triple Pocket, Lotus, and so on. No matter which technique you choose, perfectly pleated napkins add class to any table.

Let Homey Linen Dress Your Table Up

Linen is light, durable, and versatile; just the perfect combination for table dressing. If you’re seeking to decorate your table in a natural way this Easter, you cannot go wrong with a linen tablecloth, runner, and napkins. Remember, Homey Linen is here to transform your dining experience.

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