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What to Wear Under Linen Clothes?

You’ve made the investment in beautiful linen clothing, but what should you wear underneath? A lot of factors go into choosing the right undergarments for use with linen because by its nature, linen is a little bit transparent. Even dark linen can be see-through, so you want to make sure to wear things that allow you to look and feel your best while maintaining the cut, drape, and line of your clothes. So, what to wear under linen clothes?

Nude undergarments that match your skin tone are a must with any linen clothing and are flattering for daily use with any clothes. Consider them a wardrobe staple, if you will. But what can you wear with linen dresses, shorts, pants, or shirts?

What to Wear With a Linen Dress 

There are many excellent options that can make a linen dress less transparent. A petticoat or half-slip made of cotton is perfect under light-colored dresses. White or cream is best for light clothes, while navy or black is better for dark ones. Besides the masking properties, slips improve the lay of the dress, while a petticoat gives the skirt a little bit of body. If the top is too sheer for your liking, you could add a nude or light-colored cami for extra coverage. Depending on the season, you’ll want to layer your ensemble as you see fit. After all, the layered look is in! A jacket, blazer, pullover sweater, or long cardigan will look good with a long linen dress. If your dress falls above the knee, you can wear leggings or tights and a short cardi for a super attractive look.

What to Wear With a Linen Top

If your linen shirt or blouse is full-coverage, a bralette-style bra looks great. You can add a neutral or matching color cami if you want. If you plan on wearing a linen blazer, stick with a silk shell for an upscale style.

Unless your shirt is specifically labeled a tunic, high-waisted pants, skirts, or shorts of any fabric are the best bottom options. With a tunic, though, leggings or flowy pants are a good choice.

What to Wear with Linen Pants or Shorts

For women, the most popular options for wearing under linen pants and shorts are nude or skin-tone high-waisted briefs, invisible briefs, or boy shorts. Those choices also work well under knee-length linen skirts. For midi or maxi skirts, the same slips or petticoats that are perfect under long dresses also work with long skirts.


Homey Linen Is Here to Dress You Up

The more you wear our products, the better you’ll understand why linen is the best material for you. Nothing beats the gentle comfort that comes from our organic clothes. With this guide on undergarments, everyone will see why linen is your go-to attire.


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