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2 Key Factors Why to Consider HomeyLinen 100% Pure Linen Products

At HomeyLinen, We Take Pride in Offering Top-Quality Custom Linen Home Textiles and Clothes. We Care About Our Customers and the Environment.

Most clothing and household linens today are mass-produced at the lowest possible cost to both customers and manufacturers. While this is convenient, such items wear out quickly and need frequent replacement. This increased demand for convenience places an undue burden on our environment. It’s a vicious cycle that plays out over and over, costing you money and continuing to impact our water, air, and soil.

At HomeyLinen, we take pride in offering top-quality custom clothing and home goods. All of our products are made with love and care at our small family studio. When you choose HomeyLinen, you are supporting a company that cares about its customers and the environment. Read on to learn more about our unique retail model, and discover the HomeyLinen philosophy: by producing small batches of custom-sewn linen goods, we can honor the environment while meeting our commitments to our customers. 

HomeyLinen An Alternative to Mass Production

You get what you pay for. Buying mass-produced clothing and household items may seem like a steal in the beginning. But when your favorite shirt pills or your tablecloth tears, what to do? Usually, you throw it away. But did you know that your shirt or tablecloth, if they are fabric blends, can linger in landfills for up to 200 years? Even linen, which is ecologically friendly when handled properly, can be blended with acrylic or mass-produced in such a way that its beauty and durability are severely compromised. 

Buying quality linen products from HomeyLinen, however, is an excellent choice if you want durability and staying power. Yes, prices are probably somewhat higher than you would pay at other retailers, but you get back what you put in. Our linen clothes and linen home textiles will last not just for a season or two but for decades. Not having to replace half your wardrobe every year will save you money in the long run. But more than the impact on your wallet is the impact on our planet.

Resource Conservation

At HomeyLinen, we use only pure European linen, the gold production standard from planting to weaving and manufacturing. We’ll talk a little more about the production value of using pure linen below. But for now, let’s focus on how it helps conserve our natural resources.

Unlike cotton, which is taxing on resources, linen is relatively easy to produce. In essence, the earth and environment do all the hard work. Breaking the flax plant down into fiber is labor-intensive but not resource-intensive. We use European linen that is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that the material is chemical and toxin-free. 

Waste Reduction

Linen Fabric is a Fully Organic MaterialBuying custom-made linen goods reduces landfill waste. That is a given. However, did you know that no part of the flax plant goes to waste in production? Flax has fine and tough fibers – the fine fibers are spun into yarn that is woven into cloth, but what about those tough fibers? Well, those are separated and kept for coarser use, such as twine or stuffing for furniture. In the end, linen fabric is a fully organic material that will break down and return to the earth when it is no longer fit for use.

Individual Attention to Individual Needs

When you buy mass-produced goods, you are purchasing pieces made based on an industry standard. Whether you need clothing or sheets, the philosophy seems to be “one size fits most.” This can be frustrating at best and downright infuriating at worst. Humans and our homes are not made that way, so why should we accept textiles that are?

HomeyLinen makes each piece in our catalog upon order. This individual attention means that your items are made with care. No sloppy hems or edges like you get with mass production, no poor cuts to impact fit or performance. 

Custom Linen Clothes

Custom Linen ClothesSome people think that standardized clothing was the best thing to happen to fashion. Clothes could be mass-produced quicker and cheaper and could fit more people. But that is only true if you fit the ideal standard. If you have wide hips, larger breasts, or longer legs, then you’re familiar with the struggle. T-shirts that cling in the wrong places or look like a sack, yards of fabric to take up in the legs, jeans that never fit right. You might even hate buying clothes at all and stick to the same styles season after season because it’s just easier than finding something that fits.

Because we hand-make every item to order, it is easy to customize our clothing to your body’s needs. We can accommodate your needs so you can update your wardrobe with some classic, timeless looks. Our linen clothing can give your style a boost and finally make you feel confident in what you wear! Investing in a piece or two that can last a lifetime is investing in your future.

Custom Linen Home Textiles

You might wonder why linen home textiles would even need customization. Well, have you ever had to use two tablecloths to cover a rectangular table? How about using a duvet cover designed for two sizes? Or regular sheets on a non-standard mattress? Poorly-fitting home goods not only look sloppy, they feel sloppy. They feel like you’re making do because there isn’t an option for getting what you really need.

Our custom options for linen home textiles mean that you can put your best hostess face forward at the next family gathering. You will have sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases that fit and look fabulous. A tablecloth to cover a whole table or a set of curtains can tie a room together without updating the furniture. When your home furnishings look smart, you feel confident and happy. It doesn’t take much – a touch or two here and there to add an elegant simplicity that won’t be ignored.

HomeyLinen: the Best Choice for All Your Needs

We know there are countless options for home goods and clothing out there. However, by choosing HomeyLinen, you ensure a future not only for yourself but also for our planet. We proudly use sustainable linen to produce chemical-free quality textiles that last. You can customize everything in our shop – just send us an email with your specifications, and we’ll create something that’s truly made just for you.

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