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HomeyLinen First Linen Clothing Collection for Women

When the brilliance of nature pairs itself with humankind’s many gifts, wonders are born. That’s how HomeyLinen was realized. Blending with the marvels of the natural world, an association of mind and spirit brought forth a company dedicated to unparalleled quality, excellence in production, lasting value, and gentleness to our precious Earth.

Over the years, one tiny spark of imagination developed into a few exclusive items. Owing to our dedication to the highest grade sustainable products, HomeyLinen seeded itself and began to root. Today, we have a reputation for unmatched superiority when it comes to what we promise to deliver.

Because of our loyal customers continuing to nurture us, we’ve blossomed into something amazing. From towels and reusable bags to curtains and pillowcases, HomeyLinen has branched out, solidifying ourselves as a flourishing eco-friendly company while still managing to keep our homespun charm.

With every fresh leaf of opportunity that unfurls, more of our potential comes alive. Now, we are proud to introduce the HomeyLinen Clothing Collection for Women.

Welcome, dear friends, new and old! Journey with us in this evolution of natural beauty.

Growth Springs Forth

The meticulous care and craftsmanship we are known for have expanded to linen clothes. As the newest line in our distinct array of textile merchandise, the HomeyLinen Clothing Collection for Women offers a wide array of superb and classy designs. With lighthearted linen skirts, luxurious linen shirts, and everything in between, we have what it takes to make a lady feel ideal.

The secret is in our style.

Oversized Linen Shirts          Beautiful Linen Top With Ties          Maternity Pure Linen Dress

Fashion in Full Bloom

What sets HomeyLinen’s fashion sense apart is that we understand the need for versatility. Today’s woman leads a busy life and doesn’t have time to waste on selecting the perfect outfit for every separate occasion throughout the day. We take care of that hassle with designs that fit a wealth of situations.

  • Our linen dresses are casual enough to wear at home or out shopping, yet formal enough for the office or a night out on the town
  • Dare to mix and match our glamorous and cozy linen tops with jeans or a favorite skirt to add a fun or fancy flair of feminine flavor
  • Our classic linen pants provide a chic and quintessential look that will confidently stand the test of time and never go out of vogue
  • Cool off with our soft linen shorts, and pair them with practically anything hanging in the closet for a calm and radiant appearance

Weeding Out the Ordinary

HomeyLinen is unique because of our approach. While other companies strive for quantity and maximum profit through the assembly line output, we’re thinking differently. Integrity and value are at our core, balanced with a tender, personal touch. Each product is handmade with love and attention.

Why repeatedly invest money and effort in clothing with a short lifespan? With our competitive pricing, the cost is no more than a similar item sold elsewhere. The difference is that each piece we offer is an investment that will last a lifetime thanks to the quality of care we put into everything and our insistence on adopting only the best materials.

From the Ground to Garments

We work with the finest fabric mother nature has to offer. Using 100% European linen, we hold ourselves to a lofty standard that most companies ignore. It’s a natural material that fixates on purity and durability.

A textile with a rich history dating back thousands of years, linen is timeless. Beginning as a tiny flax seed, it is fostered until it bursts forth into an eager maturity that’s ready to become something marvelous.

Nature’s Way

All accents on our products are also created by the planet, in keeping with our outlook of simplistic integrity. HomeyLinen uses coconut buttons, and decorations are crafted from responsibly sourced wool and cotton.

Respect for Mother Earth

Our products are OEKO-TEX certified, proudly embracing the natural truth of untainted elegance and allure. Containing no harmful substances or chemicals, everything we sell is an uplifting devotion to both environmental cleanliness and the well-being of the body, mind, and soul.

  • Antibacterial qualities continuously promote health
  • Hypoallergenic properties are great for everyone
  • Moisture-wicking keeps skin comfortable and dry
  • Thermoregulation affords a breathable and airy feel

White Linen Shorts          Maternity Short Linen Dress          Pure Linen Top

A Garden That’s Easy to Maintain

Just like the rest of our lineup, the HomeyLinen Clothing Collection for Women presents anti-static wearables that are easy to care for. Pre-washed, our items are naturally softened and do not shrink. Plus, they become more relaxed over time! If this weren’t enough, no ironing is necessary, as one of linen’s features is a raw and light texture of tactile lines and unique characteristics.

Planting an Idea

Planet Earth gave HomeyLinen its start. It inspired us, and continues to guide us through our development, leading the way for our natural evolution. With harmonious fusion, we have taken an abstract idea and cultivated it, becoming who we are today. Operating from the majestic landscape of Lithuania, we are a family-owned business whose goal is to reignite the passion of linen as a fashionable, tasteful, practical, and lasting material.

Our ambition is catching on.

Organic Vision

Due to the demand for quality, comfort, and affordability, we’re able to take our business to the next level with the HomeyLinen Clothing Collection for Women. It reintroduces a sense of smart and modest style reminiscent of the days when humanity made clothes with meticulous effort. Artistically formed by hand and made to endure, each of our colorful pieces whispers a story that’s filled with unique value.

We are delighted with this new line and what we have accomplished through hard work and dedication. Yet most of all, we’re thankful to our many cherished customers who have understood what we’re about, supported and believed in us, and gotten us to this exciting and humbling point of achievement. Moving forward, we are reaching toward the future while never forgetting our roots. We’re looking forward to providing an unparalleled caliber of distinction with every product we create, and we hope to keep the spirit of nature alive and thriving.

We’re proud of our organic vision and honored to provide it to the world.

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