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Which Bed Linen is the Best for Summer?

It’s that time of the year again! Summer is almost upon us! In addition to the joys of summer, like barbeques and ocean trips, there come some less favorable aspects, such as hot summer night sleeps. Having good linen for summer is an essential key to sleeping cozily and comfortably all summer long and far beyond. Here we’ll go over some of the advantages of sleeping in linen and some of the different kinds of linen you might choose between for your bed!

Good Sheets are Good Self-Care

We spend about one-third of our entire lives in bed. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important factors we can control to ensure we have enough energy, a good mood, and function effectively in the world. Sleep affects everything we do. And the material of your bedsheets not only affects your quality of sleep but can also affect your allergies, skin, and body temperature. Isn’t it only natural to prioritize having the best sleep possible with the best sheets possible? Well, yes, and linen sheets are some of the best in the game.

According to many fabric experts, linen is one of the most breathable fabric options. It has temperature-regulating characteristics due to its unique weave, which also permits increased airflow, natural moisture-wicking, and a cooler, more comfortable sleep. If you have sensitive skin, linen is also ideal as it has naturally soft fibers, which lead to less friction with the skin during sleep. Now that linen is a no-brainer for your sheet fabric, let’s go over some of the kinds of linen bedding available on the market.

Bed Linen vs. Bed Sheets

Bed linen typically refers to base-layer sheets used to cover the mattress and sit between the sleeper and the blanket or covers. These sheets are Summer Blanket generally unfitted. Bed linen is technically a kind of bed sheet too. Bedsheet is a broader term that can imply a myriad of types of bedding. These days, fitted bed sheets are very common due to their ease of use and ability to stay put when covering the mattress. Fitted bedsheets can come in all kinds of fabrics, including the most comfortable and breathable linen!

Bedspread vs. Bed Linen

Now that we know what bed linen is let’s move to another important staple of the bedroom. In addition to the health benefits that linen bedding can bring to your life, the bedding you use in your bedroom can also provide an opportunity to express your aesthetic taste. One effective way to add a splash of color and texture to your bedroom is to add a soft and beautiful linen bedspread to the mix.

A bedspread is a lightweight, often woven, or quilted bed cover that not only covers your sheets and pillows but extends towards the floor. They are a delightful decorative element that can be styled in various ways, like folding it in half. A bedspread can be the perfect intermediate option during the hot summer months to keep you warm without overheating you. Pairing a linen bedspread with a nice breathable bed linen sheet can be perfect, especially if you run a little cold. Bedspreads can often end up on the floor, so choosing one that can be easily cleaned is a smart move, like a linen bedspread.

Pillow CasePillowcases

Having a high-quality pillowcase is an often overlooked detail of your bedding ensemble that can significantly impact your hygiene, health, and sleep quality. Many people get acne and other skin irritations because they don’t use high-quality pillowcases. 100% European Linen pillowcases from HomeyLinen are hypoallergenic, non-static, and eco-friendly. With this pillowcase and regular washing, you’ll dramatically increase your skin health and improve overall sleep quality because of its cool, breathable fabric.

Different Kinds of Linen

While linen is itself one of the best fabrics to sleep on, not all linen sheets are created with the same standards, attention to detail, and overall care and quality. That’s why it’s imperative to be aware of how/where your linen investment is being produced.

Linen, made from flax seeds, is often associated with European countries such as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Much of the world’s best linen production comes from these regions, and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best 100% European linen. Beware of linen blends such as linen/rayon, linen/cotton, and linen/polyester. There is nothing wrong with them, but they won’t be as good quality as 100% European linen, and you’ll want to know what you’re purchasing. To ensure your linen is authentic and legitimate, check to see if the brand has a third-party certification. OEKO-TEX certified European Linen is the best because it ensures that the linen is free of harmful substances and chemicals.

Once you know you have top-quality 100% European linen source material, you’ll want to make sure the fabric is treated correctly! Stone washing the linen is the best way to ensure your linen bedding becomes the most relaxed and softened, so it’s exceptionally comfortable, breathable, and durable. Stonewashed linen is also great because it remains true to size after many uses and gets continually softer with each use!

Shop Small

The last factor that goes into the quality of your linen bedding is the size of the company’s production. There are plenty of larger companies that produce solid linen quality bedding, but we recommend shopping from smaller family handmade studios where you’ll get a much more intimate experience. By purchasing from a smaller company, you get more attention to detail, care, and often a flat-out better product. Companies such as HomeyLinen produce each product individually by hand and custom to the tailored needs of your order, so you’re bound to get the most consumer-friendly experience and highest quality product.

So this summer, make sure you shop small, get that OEKO-TEX 100% Certified European Linen, and purchase the design that fits your aesthetic taste, and you’re sure to stay cool, sleep better, and have a better time living!


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